Local de trabalho

Escritório, canto de trabalho, "bagunça"... seja como for, idéias é que não faltam. Repare no aproveitamento dos espaços, na mistura de móveis, nos objetos, nos detalhes... e até na "falta de organização."

Whole Lotta Lovely
Room and serve
Chocolate Creative

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Carolyn Robbins disse...

Capturing these work spaces inspires me, as does most of your entries. They reveal so much of each person who works there. You create content for one of my favorite blogs and I re-post on facebook, your work continually. Your sensitive eye and talent in shooting, in finding and documenting style and texture and authentic lifestyle shots, is awesome. Thank you for being so consistently good. I cherish your column, and hope someday, my blog will offer as much richness as you portray in yours.